Art by Gillan


Copyright © Gillan Wang. All rights reserved.

I grew up on Maui, Hawaii, which heightened my aesthetic sensibilities and appreciation of color and the natural environment. I have a deep love of diverse materials and for working with my hands, which stems from my Waldorf education. I have a Master’s degree in Architecture, which expanded my capacity to think spatially, and introduced me to many concepts that I now explore in my artwork, such as layering and transparency.

I work with a range of mediums including  art quilts, collage, watercolor and oil painting.  My approach is often driven by my interest in mixed-media and creating interesting overlays.  Much of my work is inspired by life’s poignant experiences. I enjoy establishing a narrative in my work and creating multiple interpretations.  I take pleasure in exploring concepts and ideas using a variety of materials in unexpected ways. Whimsy, bold color schemes, text and found materials often characterize my work.